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Meet The Thompsons

Proprietors, Dave + Zoe Thompson

A lmost 15 years ago the Historic Hotel Broadalbin was purchased by Dave and Zoe Thompson. The Thompsons, who were both teachers at the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District, raised their four boys living next door to the now known Historic Hotel Broadalbin for over two decades. Throughout the years they observed a revolving door of owners and patrons pass through this magnificent building never imagining they would join the long list of proprietors. When the opportunity was presented to purchase this historical building, the Thompsons wished for nothing more than to ultimately revive and restore it to its former glory as a Hotel. In October 2007, Dave and Zoe Thompson embarked on this new adventure of restoration.

The entire Thompson family rallied to prepare for the reopening as a full-service Pub and Eatery. Everyone could be found scrubbing the floors to the ceilings, as well as a tremendous amount of cleaning and repairs just to open the doors to the public. In December 2007, the Thompsons reopened the building, but not without a few hiccups; historic buildings are historically known for their endless repairs and this was no different. During this huge undertaking, they worked endlessly and exhausted all energies to complete major historical renovations to keep the integrity of the building intact.

The beautiful front porch, grand balcony, gourmet chef's kitchen, Adirondack lounge, and first floor restrooms are just a few of the newly updated spaces. The porch and balcony offer dining, drinks, or a place to rest your feet. If it’s cold outside, dining fireside in the lounges with friends and/or family is always a treat. Fast forward to December 2018, the long-awaited revitalized second floor was completed and reopened to the public.

These second floor rooms feature a Victorian color palette gracing the walls alongside a unique collection of antique pieces carefully designed and selected by Zoe Thompson. In January 2019, only one month after opening the carefully crafted and designed second floor, a substantially destructive flood of over 100,000 gallons of water inundated three floors of the building in six hours. Five of the rooms were devastated and, again, the Thompsons were forced to re-renovate the second floor.

Another impressive feature of the Hotel is the grand ballroom. This special room hosts everything from weddings, corporate retreats, reunions, and dinner theaters. The hotel and restaurant have truly become a gathering place for families throughout the years and has built a reputation for elegance and practicality. Whether the Thompsons are helping to plan a private event or hosting an evening with a dinner and show, this family beholds this beautiful historic building alive with family, friends, and patrons. They love to hear stories from patrons about the past, or meet people who have traveled to sit at the same historic bar as generations before them. Young couples celebrate their anniversary with dinner at the same place they were married just a year before. Year after year, generation after generation, the Hotel has remained a piece of everyone's history and heart.

The Historic Hotel Broadalbin is an architectural piece of history, not only to all of the local residents, but to the Thompson Family as they continue to raise generations of Thompsons and welcoming them to the family business. Dave and Zoe Thompson stated, "It's been a rewarding adventure that we hope to pass on to our sons, daughters-in-law, and the five beautiful grandchildren they have blessed us with. Perhaps our grandchildren will become future Thompson hoteliers and restaurateurs.”

Hotel Hours: 24-7

1854 Pub Featuring Executive Chef Lee Woolver

Open Tuesday-Saturday 4-9pm Seasonal Breakfast Sat + Sun 8 am - 12pm

Weddings + Special Events: Call 518-883-5414

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